Pathfinder.GOP | Charlie Pearce
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Charlie Pearce has over a decade of experience in Republican politics working on congressional, senatorial, gubernatorial, and three presidential campaigns. During the 2012 presidential cycle Charlie was a top aide to Governor Mitt Romney handling day-to-day operations as the campaign’s Trip Director. Men’s Vogue magazine once called him, “the very model of a modern advance man.” Charlie has also worked as a communications director and as a campaign manager on U.S. Senate and gubernatorial races.

Beyond his work in politics, Charlie is a longtime canoe guide who has led remote expeditions into the wildernesses of Maine and Oregon. He once spent two months through-paddling the Northern Forest Canoe Trail – a 740-mile waterway that traverses New York, Vermont, Quebec, New Hampshire, and Maine connecting 58 lakes and ponds, 22 rivers and streams, and 63 portages.

Charlie is a graduate of the University of California at Berkley where he holds a degree in Rhetoric with an emphasis in Public Discourse. He got his start in politics after being accepted into the UC Washington Program where he completed a research thesis entitled, “A Dialogical Democracy: An Examination of the US Senate Debates Concerning The Use Of Force Resolutions In Iraq,” which he wrote while working at the US Senate Republican Policy Committee.