Pathfinder.GOP | David Newell
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David Newell is a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he completed research projects at the MIT Media Lab. As an Associate Director of Technology Solutions for Digitas, David built websites for Fortune 500 companies such as,, and, and constructed interactive applications that were on exhibition at Walt Disney World’s Epcot Center.

David has extensive experience auditing the computer systems that hospitals use to store private health information and our nation uses to regulate our water treatment systems. He has not only helped keep these systems secure, but has assisted law enforcement agencies such as the FBI and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in investigations of computer crimes, and some of the world’s largest corporations in investigating intellectual property theft.

David has been involved with Republican Politics for over a decade, both as a candidate, and strategist, and is one of the nation’s more respected analysts of conservative political data. He has a proven track record of distilling large amounts of voter id into actionable targets for GOTV activity. David recently completed a spell at Ready to Win, performing gap analysis of the data, technology staffing, and digital capabilities of the entire Republican ecosystem.

Beyond politics, David is a hopeless and helpless Cleveland sports fan and hopes to survive long enough to see at least one sports championship return to his home town. When not spending time with his wife or two daughters, David can be found trying to maintain his top twenty world ranking in Axis and Allies.