Pathfinder.GOP | Michael Schade
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Michael Schade began his career in politics in 2012 when he worked for Governor Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign. Michael worked at the Romney campaign’s Boston headquarters during both the primary and general election cycles, collaborating with the various campaign departments to create engaging and historic events while remotely managing large teams spread across the country. As a Senior Trip Coordinator, Michael was integral in the planning and execution of nationally televised rallies for Governor Romney, as well as press conferences, fundraisers and other events for Romney, Congressman Paul Ryan, and their surrogates.

Since then, Michael has continued to expand his political experience working as an operations consultant on multiple U.S. Senate campaigns and as Director of Operations on the 2014 Oregon governor’s race. Michael has also done operations work for non-profit groups, traveling across the country for various assignments.

Michael is a graduate of Boston University’s College of Communication, where he holds a degree in Film Production with a minor in Economics. Though Michael has expertise in every step of the video production process, his specialty lies in producing and directing. Michael has produced and worked on several short films, including documentary work. In addition, Michael has produced and shot multiple political ads.

Though he has lived and worked across the country and the globe, Michael is a native Portlander, an increasingly rare trait for a resident of Portland, Oregon. Outside the world of politics and media, Michael is an avid cyclist, a hobby he surprisingly picked up not in Portland but during his time in Boston as a means of avoiding the nightmare known colloquially as “the T.”