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Pathfinder.GOP was the driving force behind the creation and management of the political action committee Oregonians For Public Integrity PAC (OPI) which was founded to organize the recall effort of Gov. John Kitzhaber. According to the Oregonian OPI was instrumental in forcing the Governor’s resignation from office. In addition to leading OPI’s organizational and fundraising efforts, Pathfinder.GOP also leveraged their extensive national media contacts to help drive news coverage that increased the pressure on Kitzhaber to resign from office.


Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber: ‘No intention’ of resigning

“Charlie Pearce… told POLITICO that Kitzhaber’s days are numbered.

“John Kitzhaber is becoming increasingly delusional about his chances of remaining in office,” Pearce said in an email. “Oregonians for Public Integrity will continue to advocate for his resignation. If he isn’t forced out by the [attorney general’s] criminal investigation then he’ll be facing a recall effort through the political process in July.”

Washington Post

Oregon’s Kitzhaber faces tough road to keep his job

“Kitzhaber faces a political threat from Republicans. GOP strategists are organizing a recall campaign that could force the governor to defend his record at a time when his approval rating is sinking to new lows.
The group, organized by Charles Pearce, would have to collect about 220,000 valid signatures to force a recall election. Pearce, who managed state Rep. Dennis Richardson’s (R) campaign against Kitzhaber in 2014, said his team will “put together a strong grass-roots network that will substantially lower the cost of a signature drive.”

And, he added, raising the money necessary for a recall shouldn’t be a problem: “I have every confidence that fundraising to recall a governor under criminal investigation will not be an issue,” he said. Pearce will have access to Richardson’s e-mail list, which numbers around 475,000 people.

The Wall Street Journal

Kate Brown Is Sworn In as Oregon’s Governor

“Republican opponents of Mr. Kitzhaber immediately set their focus on Ms. Brown.

“We’ll see if her promises are anything more than a belated [public relations] attempt to make up for letting this kind of corruption go on right under her watch as secretary of state,” said Charlie Pearce, who ran the campaign for Mr. Kitzhaber’s GOP challenger last year and is executive director of Oregonians for Public Integrity, a political-action committee he formed last week”

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